|  The Veil of Dreams, 2014-15

The Veil of Dreams was a collaborative project with Jesse Bransford, started on May 1st 2014 and ended on October 31st of that year. Over this six month period, Razdow and Bransford inspected the tradition of Icelandic Seidr practice and journaled their dreams nightly. Every other day, the artists emailed the images / text of their dream journal pages to the other. Finally, at the end of the six month period, the two traveled to Iceland to visit a specific “Sorcerer’s Well”, on the Strandir coast of Iceland’s remote North East. The project was cataloged in real time by Fulgur Esoterica on their blog, much help by Livia Filotico.

In the course of the project, the artists produced several dozen ritual/magical cards (Jesse’s Staves and Max’s Wells), a group of collaborative drawings and four “Dream Journals” each, totaling around 360 pages. Max Razdow also created a Dream Map of the landscape the two artists somnambulated across.

The project was shown the following summer of 2015, at IDIO Gallery in Brooklyn, NY – curated by Lynn Maliszewski. IDIO also produced a full facsimile book of the journals, hand covered and inscribed by the artists, of which 10 have been produced.

Journal Entry

View the Veil of Dreams on Fulgur Esoterica’s Website

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