1. The Veil of Dreams at SPRING/BREAK Art Show, March 3rd – 7th, NYC (Room 4129)
  2. World Made by Hand at Andrew Edlin Gallery February 7th to March 20th, NYC
  3. The Veil of Dreams, with Jesse Bransford, IDIO Gallery, Brooklyn NY, July 11th to August 11th, 2015, curated by Lynn Maliszewski
  4. Lesser Deities of Summer, Curatorial with Kari Adelaide/The Sphinx, Underdonk, Brooklyn NY, August 14th to September 6th 2015 (more info soon)
  5. True Corpus, Galerie Jan Dhaese, May 17 -June 22 2015 (solo exhibition)
  6. The Veil of Dreams Fulgur Esoterica, blog project.
Selected Press:
  1. Review of Through Every Leaf, Eyes Toward the Dove (Katy Diamond Hamer)
  2. Review of Through Every Leaf, ArtFuse (Daniel Gauss)
  3. Review of Through Every Leaf, Huffington Post (Peter Frank)
  4. Article on Home Studio: Art F City ( David Matorin)
  5. Article on The Nebula Series: Huffington Post Arts (Liz Insogna)
  6. Review of That Sinking Sense of Wonder in WagMag (Enrico Gomez)
  7. Interview on Art Fag City (Paddy Johnson).
  8. Review of Take-Out in New York Times (Holland Cotter).